General questions

What is the maximum speed of the Microlino?

What is the range of the Microlino?

What is the maximum gradient I can tackle with my Microlino?

What are the dimensions of the Microlino?

How much ground clearance does the Microlino have?

What is the wheelbase and how long is it on the Microlino?

Is the track width different at the front and rear?

What kind of brakes are installed in the Microlino?

What is the energy consumption of a Microlino?

How heavy is the Microlino?

What is the motor power of the Microlino?

Does the Microlino have a heating/air conditioning system?

Is there an airbag in the Microlino?

How much payload is allowed in the Microlino?

Does the Microlino have special tyre dimensions?

Which cell chemistry is used in the Microlino 2.0?

Can I convert the small battery into a large one?

Is the roof electric?

Does the Microlino have an automatic transmission?

Is there a danger of overturning the Microlino?

Can I control my Microlino with a smartphone?

What happens if I leave the Microlino plugged into the socket/charging station for several days?

What is the battery life of the Microlino?

Does the Microlino have front- or rear-wheel drive?

Does the Microlino steer on the rear axle?

Does the Microlino have ABS?

What material is the body of the Microlino made of?

Does the Microlino have power steering?

Is there an AUX connection in the Microlino?

What changes compared to the maintenance of a combustion engine vehicle?

How can I charge the Microlino?

Where can I service my Microlino?

How far forward does the front door open?

Does the Microlino have recuperation?

Where can I find the Microlino rescue sheet?