Our vision

Better urban lifestyle

On average, a car is occupied by only 1.2 people and driven just 35km per day. This means that normal cars are too big for 95% of their usage. Sounds stupid, right? The Microlino is designed to be ideal for daily use, whether it is commuting to work, visiting friends or going shopping.

Our journey

How it all began

Wim Ouboter and his two sons Oliver and Merlin were bothered at how over-engineered cars are and wanted to do something about it. Click below to read the full story about how they built their first prototypes in China, received 500 reservations in just 2 days, and the hectic planning right up to the production start.

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Our brand

Inventor of the kickscooter

In 1999, Wim Ouboter invented the first modern kickscooter, designed to be a practical and eco-friendly micro mobility solution. The success was immediate: In the first year, his company sold 80,000 kickscooters per day. Micro Mobility Systems is now active in 80 countries and launches 5-7 new products every year.

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