Microlino 2.0 Prototype Nr. 1

Merlin Ouboter 10. feb. 2021

We hope you have started the year 2021 as good as we have. Here's a quick update:

  • The first Microlino 2.0 prototype is completed and being tested

  • The new integral body shows big safety improvements compared to the Microlino 1.0

  • Start of production will follow after the homologation and EU type approval this Summer


We are proud to announce that we have completed the build-up of the first Microlino 2.0 prototype. From our first testdrive we were able to confirm the improved handling characteristics compared to Microlino 1.0. Click below for a video of our first testdrive:



As you can see on the picture above, this prototype is still missing some features like the LED lightbar, which we are going to include in the next prototypes.



How different is the structure of the Microlino 2.0 compared to the Microlino 1.0? The answer: a lot!
In contrast to the tubular frame of the Microlino 1.0, this new integral body structure made out of pressed steel and aluminum parts allows a higher stiffness and safety without increasing the weight. The new structure has already shown big improvements in safety compared to the Microlino 1.0. Normally, this technology is only used for real cars, but the Microlino is the first product in its category to use this structure as well.

See below a comparison from the Microlino 1.0 and the Microlino 2.0.


Developing a vehicle is extremely difficult and we have learned that the hard way. This is why we have been careful this time communicating a timeline.  Nevertheless, today we want to give you an insight into the milestones that lie ahead of us:


PROTOTYPE PHASE: in total, we have planned 5 prototypes that are built iteratively about one month apart from each other. In this phase we will also be able to start the production of the first tools (e.g for bodypanels) to save as much time as possible.

HOMOLOGATION & PRE-SERIES: after that, we will start the homologation process to get the Microlino street-legal. We expect this to take 2-3 months until we have received the official papers from the government and expect to have the EU type approval in Summer.
In the meantime, we will already start building up the pre-series vehicles, do the last final adjustments and start with the first testdrives.

PRODUCTION START & RAMP UP: as soon as we have the official papers, we will be able to start production a few weeks after that and also deliver the first Microlinos. We will then try to ramp-up the production as fast as possible, while maintaining a good product quality.