Microlino 2.0 and Microletta concept unveiling

Merlin Ouboter 26. feb. 2020

Here it is, the new Microlino 2.0 design! Thanks to your contributions, you have helped us to finalise the design according to your wishes. The new design should be more innovative, more spacious and more charming than ever! Are you as satisfied as we are?  Some of you may wonder why we are already working on a new design. The main reason is that in order to meet our safety standards, we had to redesign the entire vehicle structure and increase the width of the rear track to achieve greater stability. This finally changed the complete dimensions of the car but also gave us the opportunity to review several things. For example, the new interior, which you will be able to see first hand at the Geneva Motor Show in March. We will continue to involve you in the future in decisions such as colours, seat covers and rims.  The Microlino 2.0 will have a more powerful and efficient electric motor, will have greater visibility thanks to a slimmer A-pillar and will have a completely redesigned interior with a fixed steering column. Further technical details are to be announced, but the base price of 12,000 euros will not be changed. 



Although electric motorbikes can play an important role in reducing emissions in cities, they have not yet really proved their full potential. The main reason is regulation: if the two-wheeler is driven at more than 45 km/h, a motorbike driving licence is required, unlike petrol motorbikes, which can go faster.  How can this problem be solved? Our answer is a three-wheeled electric motorbike that can be driven with a motorbike driving licence, although it can go up to 80 km/h. The two front wheels make the scooter much safer in curves and allow a shorter braking distance. In addition, the tipping system can be locked when stopping at a red light, so the scooter cannot tip over and you can keep your feet dry. Say goodbye to dirty shoes!  At the moment there are no details about a planned production start, as we want to focus first on the production start of the Microlino. The price of the Microletta will be around 4900 euros. For more information and to make a reservation without obligation, click here.