Emission-free Microlino available in the Netherlands from November 1, 2023

Lisa Scherrer 13. Oct 2023

Five months after Louwman Group announced the agreement for the distribution of Microlino in the Netherlands, sales of the unique microcar will now officially begin. The innovative, all-electric two-seater perfectly meets the increasing need for emission-free micro-mobility in urban and metropolitan areas. In doing so, the Microlino stands out on numerous fronts thanks to its unparalleled combination of retro design, deployability, low running costs, and performance. The Microlino will be available to order as of November 1 for prices starting at €17,990. 

Models and prices 
The Microlino can be ordered as of November 1, 2023, with a choice of three versions, starting with the Urban. This version is available for prices starting at €17,990 and comes standard with LED lighting, interior heating, sport mode, and two screens in the cabin, among other features. The Urban is available in white or orange and has two interior styles. A sunroof is available as an option. Each Microlino comes standard with front and rear disc brakes, and Continental tires in size 145/70 R13. 

 Dolce and Competizione
A Dolce version is also available at prices starting at €19,990. This version features 'Infinity' full-width LED strips, high-quality upholstery in the cabin, a vegan leather-clad steering wheel, and a standard sunroof, among other features. The Dolce is available in five body colors, three of which come with an optional white roof. The Dolce is followed by the Competizione. This is similar in equipment to the Dolce but combined with a sportier look inside and out, chrome details, and a standard matte exterior color in black, green, gray, or blue.  

Why micromobility? 
The Microlino responds perfectly to the growing demand for locally emission-free micromobility in urban areas. This mobility need is growing due to increasing traffic and parking pressure, rising energy costs, and growing demand for sustainable mobility solutions. 


Micro vehicles take up less static and dynamic space, are much easier to use in crowded cities, and are much more energy efficient. An electrically powered micro vehicle gets further with every kWh of power than any other electric vehicle. The Microlino is the answer to this new mobility need, without compromising on usability, practicality, and style. 
The Microlino's energy costs are less than half compared to an electric A-segment passenger car, while owners can also count on very favorable maintenance costs, MRB exemption, and lower insurance premiums. 

Test drive and order 
The Microlino can be ordered as of November 1, 2023. This can easily be done online or at one of the authorized branches in The Hague, Schiedam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Weesp, and Bussum, where of course a test drive with the Microlino can be made. The Microlino was developed by the Swiss family business Micro and is manufactured in Turin. The Microlino is imported and distributed under the banner of the Royal Louwman Group.