Microlino Lite

The first micro car, built like a car!

Driving Experience

Raising the standards

The Microlino Lite offers an unmatched driving experience in the L6e category (AM drivers license) and is redefining urban exploration at speeds up to 45 km/h.

With a generous seatbench, leaving space for two passengers and equipped with a trunk capable of fitting one large check-in and two cabin sized suitcases, the Microlino Lite is your perfect daily driver.

Age & license requirements

Design statement

Born in Switzerland, made in Italy

Feel the embrace of Dolce Vita as you open the sun roof, immersing yourself in an extraordinary driving experience that harmonizes with your surroundings. Never waste time again in the search for a parking spot, the unique front door concept allows you to elegantly cross park between two cars. This isn't just transportation; it's an elevated journey, seamlessly marrying form and function.

The Microlino Lite will come in two distinct colors and interiors.

Automotive safety cell

Setting a new standard in the L6e category

First in its class, the Microlino Lite features a self-supporting steel unibody that improves safety and driving behavior compared to the tubular frame of other vehicles in its class.


200 km Max. Range
45 km/h Top Speed
AM license From the age of 14, depending on country.

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