3rd Prototype & Industrialization

Merlin Ouboter 11. Jun 2021

The project is moving fast and we completed the 3rd prototype. The development is in its last phase and we have started with the preparations for production. Here are the most important points:

  • The 3rd prototype featuring the complete new interior and folding roof is finished
  • We have finished over a third of the chassis and body toolings
  • Together with our partner CECOMP we have established a new company, Microlino Italia which will be responsible for production in Turin


The third prototype is already very close to the series version in terms of the exterior and interior design. It features the redesigned interior with dual displays, one behind the steering wheel as a speedometer and a smaller touch display integrated in the central bar to control functions like the heating etc. The central touch display gives us more flexibility to add additional features and uses less space, compared to conventional buttons.

Another new feature is the reengineered folding roof. It was developed by Magna Car Top Systems, which is an expert in the field of convertible tops and roof systems. The new folding roof can easily be opened and closed with one hand while driving and lets in a gentle breeze. The folding roof will be available as an option and comes standard in the premium versions.


Like on the new Ford Mustang Mach-E, we have eliminated the front door handle completely to simplify the design even more. To open the door, you need to unlock the car with the key and press a small button below the headlight. This will pop-up the door just enough for you to grab the door to fully open it seamlessly.

To open the door from the inside, there is another button located at the back of the aluminum handlebar, which activates the door mechanism.




A few weeks ago, we have started with the industrialization of the Microlino 2.0. This includes all the tools and fixtures for the series production, as well as planning the assembly steps for production. For the chassis and body, over a third of the tools are finished. Below you can see a picture of the stamping tool for the side panel, which is one the biggest part made out of aluminum. All together this stamping tool weighs around 12 tons or 24 Microlinos!

Together with our partner CECOMP we have established a new company, Microlino Italia which will be responsible for production. At the beginning of the Microlino project we never wanted to be manufacturer ourselves but we realized that this is the only way to control the quality and at the same time reduce the cost of production

The assembly line will be located at the premises of CECOMP in La Loggia, Turin.