How are the numbers in the eco-calculator calculated?

The numbers in the eco-calculator are based on several assumptions. It is very difficult to give an exact number about how much more eco-friendly the Microlino is than other cars, which is why assumptions are needed.

Diesel: the combustion of one liter Diesel emits approximately 3.1kg CO2

Gasoline: the combustion of one liter Gasoline emits approximately 2.7kg CO2

Electric: an electric motor does not emit any CO2. In our calculation we used energy from renewable resources, which is what we recommend for charging up your Microlino in order to minimize your footprint. That being said, the Microlino has only 1/3 of the energy consumption of a normal electric car, so even with a different energy mix, the difference would be very big.

Flight: One flight from London to Paris emits 125kg of CO2 according to the non-profit climate organization MyClimate.

Apartment heating: the amount of energy needed to heat an apartement is based on many different factors like the year it was built and the type of heating used. We took an average 40sqm 1.5-room apartment built after 1991 with an oil-heating. According to the non-profit MyClimate, heating such an apartment emits 574kg of CO2 per year.

Rocket start: we have calculated a rocket start until it exits the atmosphere would emit circa 440'000 kg of CO2. At the moment, there is no accurate data on this, so we derived this from various space forums, where physicist approximated this number. That being said, we don't expect you to fly to the moon that soon...

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