Our assembly line is ready!

Merlin Ouboter 05. mars 2022

We are making progress! Around two weeks ago we have shared with you a time lapse video of the set-up of our assembly line. Now the line is operational and producing the last pre-series vehicles before we start the production of the first series vehicles.

But before we give you a glimpse into how a Microlino is built together, here are a few interesting facts about our production:

  • The final assembly line located in Turin is 3000 m2 in size, completely covered with solarpanels and up to 100 people will be working there
  • After the initial ramp-up phase every 20 min a Microlino will roll of the production line
  • Made in Italy: Over 80% of the parts in a Microlino are made in Europe, with the majority coming from Italy


The video is covering the finaly assembly of our production, if you are interested to see how the chassis and body parts are being made, click here.