Ex-Porsche & BMW Manager becomes new CTO at Microlino

Oliver Ouboter 11. Dec 2019

We are pleased to announce that Peter Müller is joining Microlino as the new Technical Director. Peter has more than 30 years of experience in the automotive industry with Porsche, BMW, Chery and Brusa and will lead the future development of Microlino. Here is a short interview with Peter Müller.

 Peter, when did you first see the Microlino?  

In my previous work at the Chinese car manufacturer Chery and the Swiss electronic components specialist Brusa, I was very involved in electric mobility and followed the development of the sector very closely. Among the many startups that are active in this field, Microlino stood out because they have a unique product with the potential to become an icon. In addition, they are trying to do things differently from what is usually done in the automotive industry.  

Your career in the automotive industry started at Porsche. What did you do there?  

I worked for Porsche for more than 10 years in various positions. In the end, I was in charge of product development and was one of the people responsible for the launch of the Porsche Boxster, which was a courageous and important step for the company at that time.

„The Microlino is a new product category and for that you need novel approaches.“

"The Microlino is a new product category and for that you need novel approaches".   You also worked for BMW. What did you do there?

At BMW, I led product development for the Z4, Z8, X5 and 3 series. Then I was responsible for product, brand and market strategy and was part of the senior management team, where I was responsible for repositioning the multi-brand strategy for the Mini, BMW and Rolls Royce brands after the release of Rover.  Later I moved to the management of BMW Motorcycles and was first Sales and Marketing Director and then Development Director. I was responsible for the development of BMW's first superbike and its return to motorsport after 50 years.    

 Superbike and Microlino - does that make sense?

Maybe not at first glance, but if you look closer it makes perfect sense. In terms of complexity, the Microlino is in many ways closer to a motorbike and here my experience in the development of both motorbikes and cars is very valuable as I can combine the best of both worlds. The Microlino is a new product category that requires new approaches.    After many years at BMW, you worked for five years in China for the Chinese equipment manufacturer Chery.

What was your job there?

Together with other expats, I was able to build the technical centre in Chery from scratch, focusing on new processes and technologies. We also developed the platform for the new generation of vehicles.  

What are the most important questions for the future development of the Microlino?

We want to bring a vehicle onto the market that meets our high quality and safety requirements. The Microlino must also be designed in such a way that it can easily be produced in thousands of units per year and that customers are fully satisfied. For us, it is more important to have a high-quality vehicle on the market than to start production as quickly as possible. In the long run, only a well-designed product will make customers happy, and I am very confident that we can achieve this.