The Microlino is rocking the Cinema

Merlin Ouboter 01. Φεβ 2019

The Microlino is starring in Matthias Schweighöfers newest movie called "100 Dinge".


The Microlino is not only turning heads in the streets but also rocking the cinema screens recently. We are honored that the Microlino is part of the new cinema movie starring Matthias Schweighöfer and Florian David Fitz.

Here is a little summary of the plot: The movie is about two friends, Paul and Toni which are addicted to status symbols. This results in a constant copetition on who is the cooler of the two. One day at a party the two of them are making a bet on which one can survive longer without their prescious belongings. They lock away all their things into a warehouse and are only allowed to take back one object per day. The then soon ask themselves the questions: What do you really need in life?

Click here to watch the Trailer

Now where does the Microlino play its roll in all of that? Little hint it is the vehicle that Mark Zuckerberg (in the movie called Mark Zuckermann) founder of facebook is driving ;) If we got you curious enough take your friends and family and enjoy the movie in the cinema.