65% less energy to get from A to B

It’s a simple equation: A lighter car means you need less energy to get from A to B, which means you can go far even with the small battery. It is so light that it needs 65% less energy than conventional electric cars to get you from point A to point B. And don’t get us started on big gasoline-guzzling SUVs…


60% less energy in production

The Microlino is designed to be efficient in production as well. Due to its small battery and lightweight construction, the production of the Microlino uses 60% less energy than a normal car.


50% fewer parts

Because of the electric drivetrain and the simple, yet robust construction, the Microlino needs just half as many parts as a normal car. Therefore, you need to visit your service center less frequently. This not only excites you, but also your wallet.

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