Louwman introduces the Microlino to the Dutch Market

Isabelle Ide 05. Jun 2023

We are thrilled to announce, that Louwman, the leading Dutch mobility provider, will launch the Microlino in the Netherlands. Our trendy, all-electric two-seater microcar, will make its debut in the Dutch market later this year. Louwman has entered into an agreement with Micro to bring this exciting vehicle to Dutch consumers.

Louwman Group, founded in 1923, is a family company that aspires to be a leading mobility provider, offering a wide range of services encompassing cars, commercial vehicles, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, public transport, and mobility aids. Louwman actively promotes innovations in mobility sharing concepts, zero-emission driving, and hydrogen vehicles for the mobility of the future. Their mission is to provide the most suitable form of mobility for everyone, regardless of age or ability. Their innovative and sustainable solutions grant people the freedom of movement, making their daily lives easier: Mobility for Life. With approximately 3,400 employees in the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, and the Czech Republic, Louwman Group continues to strive towards its goals.

Enhancing the Portfolio
Louwman is committed to providing sustainable and versatile mobility solutions for all generations, aims to alleviate the transportation challenges faced in urban areas. Adding the two-seater Microlino to its portfolio is a natural step towards achieving this goal.


From left to right: Merlin Ouboter, Oliver Ouboter & Sjoerd Norden in the Microlino factory in Italy.

Eric Louwman, President of Louwman Group, expresses his enthusiasm, stating,

"We are delighted to contribute to the improvement of urban mobility with Microlino. This remarkable new brand aligns perfectly with our 'Mobility for Life' objective of offering our customers sustainable, flexible mobility at all times."

Oliver and Merlin Ouboter, board members of Micro Mobility, share in Louwman's vision. They endorse Louwman's objectives, saying,

"Our Microlino fulfills customer needs by providing individual mobility in a sustainable and comfortable manner. We are thrilled that these two family businesses have come together and look forward to expanding our cooperation further."

Micro is thrilled to announce the partnership with Louwman for the Dutch market. It brings us immense joy to have found a reliable and trustworthy partner who shares our passion for electric mobility. Louwman's extensive connections and unwavering motivation make them the perfect collaborator for us.

With this exciting partnership, the Microlino is now available in one more European country, expanding our reach and introducing our innovative electric vehicle to a wider audience. We are filled with anticipation as we embark on this journey together with Louwman, eager to see where it takes us and the impact we can make on the future of sustainable transportation. Together, we will continue to drive towards a greener, more sustainable future.