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Space for 2

Space for two adults and three beer crates.

Charge like a smartphone

Fully charged in just 4 hours on a standard household socket.

Park everywhere

Cross-park and get out directly on the sidewalk.

No more searching for a parking space

Fits in any parking space and garage

The Microlino fits in anywhere - whether in a parking space in the city or at home next to your SUV in the garage. It fits transversely into any spot, so you only need a third as much space as with a conventional car. The innovative front door allows you to get out directly onto the sidewalk - simply, elegantly and efficiently.


Charge like a Smartphone

Forget long charging times and expensive charging stations. Your Microlino is fully charged in just four hours at a conventional socket - just as easy as charging your smartphone. Start each day with a full charge and maximize your flexibility and independence.


Here comes the sun!

Open the sunroof of your Microlino and let the sun in. Ideal for enjoying a fresh breeze and boosting your mood with natural light. The sunroof conveys a feeling of freedom - perfect for summer rides through the city.


Space for two and everything you need

Small, but still spacious: the Microlino surprises with its generous amount of space despite its compact size. The comfortable bench seat offers space for two adults, while the generous trunk with a volume of 230 liters offers enough space for optional luggage:
• shopping bags
• 1 large suitcase and 2 pieces of hand luggage
• 3 beer crates

The perfect second car

Half the footprint, twice the flexibility.

This is not a car!

Second car redefined.


228 km maximum range
90 km/h max. speed
496 kg kerb weight



12.4 kW

Max. Speed

90 km/h


5 sec. (0-50 km/h)

Max. Torque

17.9 Nm at 6500 min-1



93 | 177 | 228km


5.5 | 10.5 | 15 kWh

Battery type

Lithium-Ion (NMC/NCA)

Charging power (type 2)

5.5 | 10.5 | 15 kWh
battery: 2.2 kW

Charging time (0 - 80%)

5.5 kWh: 2h
10.5 kWh: 4h
15 kWh: 5.5h


Curb weight

496 kg (6 kWh)
513 kg (10.5 kWh) 530 Kg (14 kWh)


Lenght: 2519 mm
Width: 1473 mm
Height: 1501 mm



Trunk volume

230 liters

Vehicle category



included (1.8kW PTC), rear window heating

Feedback and Review.

"With its small size it convinces especially in urban areas."

"I’m go-karting on a public road – entirely legally!"

"The small car with big ideas."

"The 'Swiss Elon Musk' reinvents THAT iconic 1960s runaround car."

"The bubble car reborn."


This is not a car!


Performance and design

Award-winning design

The Microlino combines iconic design with award-winning aesthetics.

Sportscar genes

Aluminum outer skin and the first self-supporting steel body in its category provide a unique driving experience.

Go-kart feeling

The powerful engine and three battery sizes plus sport mode offer a performance that will turn heads at every traffic light.

Sports car genes

Agility meets lightweight construction

The Microlino's DNA is peppered with sports car genes: A lightweight aluminum outer skin, combined with a self-supporting steel body and anindependent McPherson suspension, promises a driving experience that perfectly balances agility and stability. This concept not only enables outstanding performance, but also an incomparable go-kart feeling that is unparalleled in this vehicle class.

Design icon on wheels

Get more looks than a sports car

With its unmistakable silhouette and loving attention to detail, the Microlino embodies a symbiosis of retro charm and futuristic elegance. This unique design philosophy has not only captured the hearts of mobility enthusiasts, but has also won prestigious design awards such as the Good Design or the Car of the Year 2021 Award. The Microlino is more than just a means of transportation - it is a statement on the road that inspires admiration and enthusiasm.

Incomparable driving pleasure

Go-kart feeling

The Microlino outdoes itself with a powerful and efficient 12.5 kW motor which, in combination with the McPherson suspension and a sport mode, delivers impressive performance. This provides a performance boost that causes a stir at the start of every traffic light and catapults the Microlino into a league of its own.

Swiss engineering and Italian craftsmanship.

Full Metal Jacket

Steel and aluminum safety cell for increased safety

Swiss engineering, made in Italy

Swiss engineering, handcrafted in Turin, the heart of the Italian car industry

Halve your costs

Save more than CHF 2500 in total operating costs per year

More than 50% lower costs

Save more than CHF 2500 per year

The Microlino symbolizes more than just efficient mobility, it stands for economical driving. Our comparison of the total cost of ownership (TCO) shows that the Microlino, with its attractive purchase price and low running costs for insurance and maintenance, is over 50% cheaper than conventional vehicles. Discover how you can not only protect the environment but also your wallet with the Microlino.

Cost comparison

Safety and durability redefined

The first unibody safety cell in its category

The Microlino sets new standards in design and safety by being the first vehicle in its category to integrate a unibody safety cell made of steel and aluminum. This not only increases safety, but also ensures greater durability.

BIW production video

Suitable for every lifestyle

All the car you need

Whether as a supplement to an SUV for everyday journeys, as a replacement for a larger car or as a fun vehicle - the Microlino fits perfectly into any lifestyle, saves money and attracts positive attention.

Handcrafted excellence

Sustainable production in Turin

Produced in the heart of the Italian automotive industry, the Microlino sources the majority of its parts from local suppliers in Europe. In our 3,000 square meter solar-powered final assembly line, we use state-of-the-art equipment and systems to ensure that every Microlino that leaves our production line is of the highest quality.

Production and assembly line

For the environment:

100% electric

Zero emissions, full power.

60% smaller footprint

Only a third of the total footprint of a conventional electric car

60% lower energy consumption

Light weight leads to lower energy consumption - and electricity costs