Six months with the Microlino - the first conclusion of a Pioneer

Serano Brazerol 10. Μαΐ 2023

Marc Brechtbühl, a partner at Kaufleuten Zurich, was one of the first three Pioneers to receive his long-awaited Microlino at the delivery event in October 2022. He is the proud owner of number 63 of the Microlino Pioneer series, which is limited to 999 units worldwide. Since then, he has used the Microlino for six months and has already driven over 1,500 km.


One of the reasons why Marc Brechtbühl has chosen the Microlino is the aspect of sustainability. In order to set a good example, it was important to him to teach his son at an early age how important it is to protect the environment. He is also engaged with this topic at Kaufleuten Zurich, which is why he has launched a project with the EWZ. The goal is to reduce energy consumption by half until 2028, which is already showing the first positive impact. The environment is very close to his heart and he wanted to make an active contribution by looking for a sustainable alternative in urban moblity. The Microlino meets exactly these needs, as it is 100% electric and therefore emits no harmful emissions. Recharging is also a breeze, reports Marc Brechtbühl.


To enhance his Microlino, he also installed a high-quality sound system, because as a club manager of Zurich's Kaufleuten, he is very often in contact with the music industry. He listens to music regularly on the road, as he is responsible for booking bands. So he can experience the music in all its beauty. 


During the interview he told us an amusing experience about parking and engaging with a policewoman. One day, when he parked his Microlino in the delivery parking lot of a grocery store, he saw a policewoman next to his Microlino. After a long discussion, however, it turned out that the policewoman did not want to issue a ticket, but was instead very interested in the bubble car. 


Besides, the Microlino attracts many amazed looks on the street. When you are on the road with a Microlino, you are always the center of attention. The eye-catching design and the unusual shape make the Microlino a real eye-catcher - perfect for event promotions.

says Marc Brechtbühl with a smile.

After six months of using the Microlino, Marc Brechtbühl is more than satisfied with the experience. However, he would like to see the sound system, which he had installed, added to the series equipment.


We continue to accompany Marc Brechtbühl on his exciting journey with the Microlino and look forward to his future experiences with this unique vehicle. We thank him for the great exchange and wish him always a fun and safe ride!