Brake tests on the Imola Race Track

Merlin Ouboter 18. mag 2018

We have good news: we are proud to announce that we have passed all the required brake tests.

As you know we rented the Imola Race Track last month to perform the required brake tests for the homologation. We are glad to announce that we passed all of them and are looking forward to the upcoming range testing. Watch the video below to see how it went and what has been tested:)

What has been tested?

Testing the brakes sounds quite simple but in fact it's a series of difficult tests. In the video you can see two of them. The first one is a full braking with 80km/h, the second one a full braking with the maximum load allowed. Other tests included the braking performance of the handbrake and measuring the generated heat of the brakes. In the picture below you can see all the technical componets that are needed for a test like this. Safety first ;)