Relationship with other bubble cars

Merlin Ouboter 18. mai 2018

To avoid confusion, we have decided together with Iso Rivolta to clarify, that Iso Rivolta is by no means involved in the Microlino project.

There has been some confusion lately, whether Iso Rivolta is involved in the Microlino project or not. Together, we have decided to clarify the relationship between the two brands, in order to avoid confusion.

Although we were inspired by old bubble cars from the 50ies, there is no relationship between  the Microlino, Iso Rivolta or any of the other makers from the 50ies bubble cars (Heinkel, Zündapp etc.). The Microlino was designed as a new product without any connection to the Isetta or any other bubble car.

Of course, we have a great respect for Iso Rivolta, as they have designed the Isetta in 1952, which was then licensed by BMW for the German market. If you want to check out what Iso Rivolta is up to now, check out their latest sports car here.

By the way: the first electric bubble car was already designed in 1942 and named "electric egg". It was designed by Paul Arzens but was never produced. In the pictures below you can see other bubble cars from the 50ies.