Microlino Spiaggina Concept and Microlino Lite unveiling

Serano Brazerol 04. nov. 2022

Deliveries of the Microlino 2.0 are in full swing. The amazement at the Paris Motor Show was all the greater when we presented two world firsts. The inspiration for the Microlino 2.0 comes from the legendary Bubble Car from the 1960s. We also drew inspiration from the retro charm for the look of the Microlino Spiaggina. The summer feeling model is reminiscent of the legendary beach cars, such as the Fiat 600 Jolly or the Citroen Mehari. 
The Microlino Spiaggina features a white and blue striped fabric roof and is completely open at the sides and rear to provide a light breeze in hot summer weather. The show car features a white and blue interior in vegan leather with exclusive details such as stitching in a wavy pattern on the seats and a wooden floor in the passenger compartment and trunk. All materials are waterproof, so even a trip along the seashore is no problem.

"The Microlino Spiaggina is an idea we've been toying with for years and it's finally become a reality. It will become the most stylish vehicle for Europe's summer destinations like Portofino, St. Tropez or Ibiza," says founder Wim Ouboter.

The Microlino Spiaggina is scheduled to go into production next summer. Since it is a small series, the price of the beach eye-catcher is expected to be slightly above the Microlino 2.0.


Microlino Lite, the little brother of the Microlino

But that's not all: as another world premiere, Micro is presenting a near-series study, the Microlino Lite. The Microlino Lite is an L6e version of the Microlino aimed at younger customers. It will have a similar range to the Microlino, but its top speed will be limited to 45 km/h. This will allow people without a car license to drive it.
The Microlino Lite also differs from its "big" brother in some design details: it features black trim instead of LED Infinity lights front and rear, a black front bumper for a rugged look, and a fresh new color scheme.

"With the Microlino Lite, we wanted to give even more people access to sustainable mobility solutions. There are more and more people who don't have a driver's license but still want to be on the road protected from the weather," says co-founder Oliver Ouboter.

The Microlino Lite will go into production in 2023. Prices are expected to be slightly lower than those of the Microlino.