Configurator launch details

Merlin Ouboter 05. juin 2022


On Thursday 9th of June, we will go live with the Microlino configurator. Here is everything you need to know.



As we announced during our Virtual Launch Event, we will first start deliveries in Switzerland, followed by Germany and Italy towards the end of 2022. What does this mean for you?


  • Reservation holders & new customers from Switzerland
    To secure your spot on our waiting list we will ask for a refundable down payment of 500 CHF that can be payed via credit card after configuring your Microlino 2.0. All new reservations will require a deposit. You can change your configuration within 14 days after the deposit. After that period, any changes will have an impact on your delivery date.

  • Reservation holders & new customers outside of Switzerland
    You can configure your Microlino 2.0 without a down payment for now. Once your country is cleared for market entry we will invite you to pay the down payment to confirm your reservation.




You will receive a notification with a direct link to the configurator once it is live on Thursday. 

Please note, there may be some longer loading times on the webpage due to the amount of people that will access it simultaneously. Take your time, you are not in a hurry! If you confirm your reservation with a deposit a few hours or days later it will not affect your spot on the waiting list.



Which criteria are taken into account for my spot on the waiting list?

There are three factors that play into that:

  • Country and location
  • The time of the first reservation
  • Which vehicle has been configured (Pioneer Series vehicles with the Pioneer Membership will have prioritised delivery in their respective area)


What happens after my reservation or my deposit?

Reservation: You will be notified once your country is cleared for market entry and we will invite you to pay the down payment to confirm your reservation.

Deposit: We will get in touch with you once your Microlino is in line for production. You can then confirm your configuration and will receive the invoice with the remaining amount payable. Please note that you can change your configuration within 14 days after your deposit. After that period any changes will have an effect on your delivery date.

Can I cancel my reservation and get a refund? 
If you want to cancel your reservation, please get in touch with us via email. We will refund you the deposit minus an administration fee of 50 CHF.