8000 Reservations

Merlin Ouboter 07. Jan 2018

We are making progress: the assembly of the first 25 series Microlinos has started.


In November we will host several so-called beta-testing events, where you have the chance to testdrive a Microlino and give us your input. The exact dates will be announced soon. In the meantime, check out how the Microlino stacks up against a sportscar in an urban race ;-)




We are happy to announce that since 2016 we have received around 8000 reservations from all over the world. Big thanks to all of you, who believe in our vision of creating a better urban lifestyle.
Together with the launch of our new webpage we will ask our Swiss reservation holders to deposit a downpayment of around 1000 Euros to convert their reservation into an official order. Soon after other countries like Germany and France will follow. Have a look at the graphic below to see where other future Microlino owners come from:


Production start for the first customer vehicles is planned for December 2018 with the first deliveries following soon thereafter. Currently we are working on the layout of the assembly line and are fine-tuning the production process of the first 25 series Microlinos, in order to be ready for the official production start in December. Here is a little sneak-peak of the first series production Microlino in Paris Mint in the making: