Construction of the first prototypes

Merlin Ouboter 02. Jul 2020

Despite the difficulties encountered with the coronavirus, we are pleased to inform you that the development is going well. Over the last few months we have been working very hard and have completely redesigned the chassis, interior, body and powertrain (battery, engine, etc.). We are also making final design adjustments to integrate selected standard parts (gauges, reflectors, etc.) harmoniously.

In the photo above, you can see how we made our final design model from a piece of synthetic resin so that you can see the final changes live. This model will then be scanned and we will use it to make the first prototypes. In the photo below you can see the interior model. We test the ergonomics of the vehicle and constantly adjust it in our CAD model (spoiler: it becomes more spacious!).

After checking our technical decisions with these two models, we will build the first prototype by the end of the year with the new chassis and the new drive train. These will then be tested intensively and changes will be made continuously, for example in the engine software. The design phase will be completed this year, and we will start preparing everything for production in 2021. Thank you very much for your patience, we will continue to work at full speed to prepare for the start of production.