Babu's Bakery - Sweet delicacies, delivered in style through Zurich's streets

Lisa Scherrer 23. Nov 2023

In the lively streets of Zurich, where the tantalizing aroma of freshly brewed coffee and delicious baked goods fills the air, Babu's Bakery has decided to use a Microlino for its deliveries.

The history of Babu's dates back to 2011, when passionate entrepreneur Sandra Kubista made her dream of a cozy coffeehouse come true. The opening of Babu's on Löwenstrasse in Zurich marked the beginning of a culinary journey that has continued to evolve. In July 2022, the mother-daughter duo took another step forward with the opening of the first Babu's Bakery on Zentralstrasse in Wiedikon and a modern production facility in Binz.

Now the family business is taking another step into the future and offering its treats via its own online store. With the 59th Microlino in the Pioneer Series, the delicacies are delivered directly to customers. The Microlino, with its compactness, maneuverability and unique aesthetics, has proven to be the ideal means of transport for Babu's.


Its eye-catching appearance not only makes people stop and take photos, but also serves as valuable advertising for Babu's. This unique collaboration allows Babu's to deliver their brunch boxes, savory lunches and sweet desserts in the Microlino directly to your doorstep in the greater Zurich area.

The use of the Microlino not only creates an innovative solution for delivery logistics, but also turns the streets of Zurich into a charming setting for the nimble delivery man. This sweet partnership embodies the successful fusion of tradition and innovation and makes the hearts of Zurich's connoisseurs beat faster.