Micro partners up with Astara for the Microlino

Serano Brazerol 10. nov. 2022

The Microlino is coming to Germany and Spain. Micro ist conviced to have found the right partner with Astara as a distributor.
Astara is looking forward to the cooperation with one of the most eco-friendly mobility solutions in the market, and Microlino will be able to develop its full potential by seizing all of Astara's digital, mobility and distribution capabilities.


(Jorge Navea; CEO of Astara)


“It is with great satisfaction that Astara signs a strategic partnership with one of the most innovative companies in the mobility world. Micro has a vast heritage in innovating and impacting in the way people move, building a success story well known by many. Their new creation, the Microlino, will undoubtedly increase the scope of our business in today’s highly competitive market, while at the same time we will contribute to the brand with our extensive experience in digital transformation and the new mobility ecosystem” says Jorge Navea, CEO of Astara.


“We are beyond happy to partner up with Astara, a global company with a long history of distributing brands in Europe, Latin America and Asia. They are the perfect partner to realize our vision of more space-saving and eco-friendly urban mobility in Spain and Germany”, say Co-Founder Merlin Ouboter.


The fist deliveries in Germany and Spain will follow beginning of 2023. Astara is an innovative global company with presence in 17 countries, 3 continents and 3'000 employees from 25 different nationalities, that has evolved from car distribution to a broad portfolio of products and services related to mobility. Astara identifies and tacks global trends in a customer-led market to chase new opportunities and build useful future mobility solutions. With over 230'000 vehicles sales per year and hitting a forecasted annual turnover in 2022 of €5.5 billion, the portfolio includes business lines related to car distribution, car subscription to cover individual needs, connectivity and market intelligence.



Do I have to redo my configuration now?

No, configuration and ordering will continue to be done through our website. However, according to data protection regulations, you will have to agree that your data can be passed on to Astara in order to finalize the order. The purchase will then be processed through Astara's German sales company. We will inform you about this in more detail.


Where and when can I test drive?

We will inform you as soon as we have defined our distribution network. From the beginning of next year we will start with the test drives in Germany.


When will deliveries begin in Germany?

We will start delivering the first vehicles in Germany from the beginning of 2023. Delivery times vary based on configuration, time of first reservation, and where you live.


Can I still order one of the limited Pioneer Series vehicles in Germany?

We have increased our quota in Germany for Pioneer Series vehicles due to high demand. Therefore, there are still a few vehicles in this configuration that are still available for the German pre-orderer. The Pioneer Series Edition will be delivered first. If you want to customize your configuration, you can do it directly in your profile on our website.