Koelliker becomes Microlino distributor for Italy

Isabelle Ide 21. mrt. 2023

We are happy to announce Koelliker as our new distributor for the italian market. 

The Koelliker Group, pioneer in Italy in the development of sustainable and intelligent mobility solutions, offers private and commercial users advice, products and comprehensive services tailored to different needs to guide them towards a conscious and sustainable choice in economic and environmental terms. Innovation, quality and safety are the values that have always guided the Group, founded in 1936. It has a solid tradition in the import and distribution of cars from successful brands. 

Koelliker is entering the sustainable micromobility market with the Microlino: The Group is the exclusive importer and distributor for the 100% electric, 100% Italian-made microcar: Microlino. 

The link between Micro Mobility System and Koelliker is the perfect match between design and industrial competence in the product and commercial and marketing competence in distribution: an element that has proved fundamental in the choice of the ideal partner for the Micro, which has recognized in the Milanese company its consolidated experience as well as its proven ability to bring the new mobility to Italy, also thanks to a solid distribution network. 


"Micromobility is a strategic area that we were eager to enter, but only on as long as it was done in the best possible way, alongside the most talented and also the most courageous company in the sector," said Marco Saltalamacchia, Executive Vice President & CEO of the Koelliker Group. 

"In the Microlino we have not only found the best, most iconic, stylish and recognizable product, but also an ideal partner with a significant history, a high profile and a very clear goal: to focus on sustainable micromobility in order to revitalize the centers of major cities. An ideal that matches perfectly with the Koelliker Group, which is increasingly becoming a real hub for sustainable mobility solutions. I am proud to be working with Micro, combining our know-how for a common goal and dream: to make the Microlino the ideal vehicle for urban mobility." 

"We needed to enter the Italian market and distribute our product through a structured partner with a specialized distribution network and an unmatched understanding of the sector," said Michelangelo Liguori, Micro's general manager. "It was not easy to find a company that could efficiently and concretely respond to all our needs and requests, but when we met Koelliker, there were no more hesitations for us. We are producing in Italy, and if that market implies big investments for us, for example projects that we proudly decided to concentrate here, we couldn't help but have a partner by our side that created its own name, its history and its success also right here in Italy. I look forward to this journey together, where we will support each other and succeed together". 

The Koelliker Group will exclusively distribute the Microlino in the two versions Dolce and Competizione.