Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri among the first Microlino owners

Serano Brazerol 30. sep. 2022

From the typical Italian Piaggo Ape to Fiat's worldwide classics like the Fiat 500, micromobility has long been the trend in the land of the sun. Micro has taken the idea of lighter and smaller cars one step further and produces its interpretation, the Microlino in Turin, Italy.

After countless hurdles, production of the electric vehicle was recently started in a launch edition called “Pioneer Series” that is limited to 999 units. The first ones have already been delivered. One of the first lucky owners is Marco Bizzarri, the CEO of Gucci. “I am very happy to be the first Microlino owner in Italy. The Microlino perfectly shows that with innovative products we can make our lifestyles more sustainable”, says Marco Bizzarri.

Bizzarri already proved that he is a man of vision when Gucci announced its carbon neutrality in September 2019. The house challenged other brands to do the same. In an open letter to other CEOs, Bizzarri urged them to take action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions instead of focusing exclusively on monetary targets over the next few decades.

“We are happy to count Marco Bizzarri among our first Microlino customers. He is a true visionary when it comes to transforming our economy to become more sustainable”, says Co-Founder Oliver Ouboter.

But there is another prominent Microlino customer in Switzerland. Well-known Zurich restaurateur Michel Péclard became the first customer to receive his Microlino of the Pioneer Series in Switzerland.

"The Microlino fits me and my businesses like a glove: unconventional and a unique experience," says Michel Péclard.

Michel founded the “Pumpstation” restaurant directly on Lake Zurich in 1998 after graduating from hotel management school. Since there was no space on the lake promenade, Michel unceremoniously built his kitchen into an old pumping station of the waterworks. Today, it is impossible to imagine Zurich without this restaurant. In the following years, other restaurants were added, such as the Fischer Fritz on the other side of the lake or the Modissa Rooftop. In total, Michel Péclard runs 15 restaurants in Zurich with over 400 employees.

"Michel Péclard is the perfect first customer for the Microlino in the Pioneer Series Edition. A true pioneer of the Zurich restaurant scene, with arguably the most innovative and unique locations in all of Zurich," says founder Merlin Ouboter.