Settlement between Artega and Micro Mobility Systems

Oliver Ouboter 02. Jan 2020

At the end of November 2019, Artega and Micro Mobility Systems reached an amicable settlement. Micro Mobility Systems will market the Microlino with a new contract manufacturer. "We are happy to leave the legal disputes behind us, so that we can concentrate on what we have been fighting for for the past 5 years: the launch of the Microlino", says founder Wim Ouboter. More than 16,000 people have already booked a Microlino.  

Artega will market the Karo independently, which it first presented in September 2019. Further information and photos will be published in early 2020. "The market is large enough for two players and we are working on bringing our citycar onto the market with 'Artega's DNA, which is very similar to the historic 'Isetta'," says Klaus Frers, CEO of Artega GmbH.