Microlino comes to France with D'Ieteren as distributor

Isabelle Ide 20. Mar 2023

After beginning in Belgium with Microlino, our distributor D'Ieteren is now launching Microlino in France. We are very excited to be able to expand this partnership across countries and look forward to the excellent collaboration in the two markets.  

The family-owned company D'Ieteren, which is over 200 years old, has been diversifying for some time to become a major player in alternative mobility. The Microlino fits perfectly into this picture. D'Ieteren has been closely monitoring this alternative mobility trend and has used the results of an extensive mobility study to make a name for itself in the field of alternative mobility with multimodal apps, self-driving shuttles, and charging solutions for electric cars.

(Copyright: Microlino) CEO at D'Ieteren, Denis Gorteman  

D'Ieteren sees Microlino as an opportunity to move into a new urban mobility segment by closing the gap between cars and two-wheelers. The demand for four-wheeled micro-vehicles will develop in parallel with the development of alternative forms of mobility, as is the case in a growing number of cities.

After Belgium, D'Ieteren is also setting up a distribution and after-sales service network for Microlino in France.

(Copyright: Microlino) Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer at D'Ieteren, Pierre Doumit

Rémy Dumont - the Managing Director of D'Ieteren Micromobility: "We are actively seeking to build a distribution network in France made up of partners with the necessary know-how to develop the micromobility segment in France."

"We are very pleased to extend our partnership with D'Ieteren and are convinced that we have found the perfect partner for the French market", says Microlino co-founder Merlin Ouboter.

In France, the Microlino belongs to the L7 vehicle class and is available to holders of a B1 driving license from the age of 16. The market launch of the Microlino is planned for next summer.

"We are convinced of this new market's potential and the importance that this light, flexible and cost-effective form of mobility can have for our daily journeys. The environmental impact of these vehicles is also significantly lower than that of conventional cars, even electric cars", said Rémy Dumont, Managing Director of D'Ieteren Micromobility about the Microlino.


The Microlino, as original and innovative as it is, is not an experimental vehicle for D'Ieteren. For several years now, the importer has been offering a wide range of mobility solutions that go beyond the sale of cars. The goal is to create a complete ecosystem of sustainable mobility solutions and consolidate its position as a market leader in the individual mobility field. With D'Ieteren, Micro has a strong partner who will actively promote the distribution of Microlino with its know-how.