How safe is the Microlino?

The Microlino meets all required EU safety regulations for L7e microcars—a category designed for lightweight urban vehicles. Unlike traditional cars, microcars like the Microlino have different safety standards, suited for their light weight of below 450kg and their small size. 
Here’s how the Microlino is built for safety:

-    It’s the first in its class to have a unibody safety cell made of steel and aluminum, making it exceptionally sturdy and able to better withstand impacts.
-    Enhanced protection is provided through front and rear crash bars.
-    Every seat is equipped with three-point seatbelts.
-    It has front and rear disc brakes for better braking performance
-    Equipped with independent front and rear Mc-Pherson suspension for more stability on the road

As with any vehicle, the most important aspect of vehicle safety is to drive carefully. More than 90% of accidents happen because of human errors, like speeding, not keeping proper distance to the other vehicles and distraction by smartphones etc.

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