First Official Microlino Meet Up

Isabelle Ide 12. Jul 2023

On June 24, 2023, the moment arrived - the world witnessed the groundbreaking debut of the first official Microlino meet up. It was an event that made the hearts of drivers and developers beat faster and brought them together to share their passion for the revolutionary Microlino. This gathering of pioneers was a true celebration of progress and innovation.

The meeting provided attendees with a unique opportunity to hear the latest updates and developments directly from the Microlino founding and development team. It was an inspiring experience where they could gain insight into the future of mobility. Those present shared their personal experiences with the Microlino and passionately discussed the technical details and design features of the vehicle.

Of course, pleasure was not to be neglected at such an event. During a cozy aperitif, participants enjoyed the company of like-minded people and made new contacts in the exciting world of the Microlino. It was an atmosphere of enthusiasm and togetherness that was shaping the future of mobility.

The absolute highlight of the meeting was undoubtedly the breathtaking Microlino convoy that meandered through the streets of Zurich. Over 70 Microlinos rode together in an impressive parade that caught the eyes of passersby. It was a truly magical moment in which the small electric vehicles showed off their uniqueness and charm.

But that was not all. The meeting had another surprise in store. A ferry ride across beautiful Lake Zurich was organized, with 54 Microlinos proudly on board. The gentle glide across the sparkling water, accompanied by the backdrop of the Swiss countryside, was an unforgettable experience for all involved. It was a symbol of the freedom and environmentally conscious driving pleasure that the Microlino represents.

The first official Microlino meeting was undoubtedly a milestone in the history of mobility. It brought together people who share a common vision: a more sustainable future through innovative and practical solutions. The impressions of this unique event have been captured in a rousing aftermovie that captures the enthusiasm and unforgettable moments of the meeting. Watch it and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of the Microlino.