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Discover the perfect mobility solution for your company: the Microlino.

Whether as an eye-catcher, for short distances or in parking zones with limited space - the Microlino is the ideal business vehicle. Experience coolness, practicality and cost efficiency all in one.

Let's work together to find the optimal solution for your needs, regardless of whether you need 2 or 200 vehicles. We will advise you on the product and support you in the procurement process, whether it's purchasing or financing.


The Microlino is an absolute eye-catcher and raises the profile of your company to a new level.

Environmental friendliness

The production and use of the Microlino requires around 60% less energy than conventional electric cars. The Microlino is manufactured in Turin, with 60% of the components coming from Europe.

Calculate your annual CO2 savings with the Microlino

Space saving

Whether on your company premises or in public parking zones - the Microlino requires only a third of a conventional parking space. This saves space, time and costs.

Low maintenance costs

As a lightweight electric vehicle, the Microlino has a simple vehicle structure with few components, which reduces maintenance costs to a minimum.

Simple power supply

You don't need any special infrastructure to charge the Microlino. It can be charged within 4-5 hours at a normal socket.


Why a Microlino for your company?

TCO - Best in Class

The Microlino not only stands for efficient mobility, but also for economical driving. In terms of total cost of ownership (TCO), the Microlino is the leader in its class and up to 50% cheaper than comparable vehicles.

Safety - New benchmark in the L7e category

The Microlino is the first vehicle in the light electric vehicle category (L7e) to set new standards in terms of safety. With its self-supporting body, it offers an automotive standard that significantly increases safety while ensuring the vehicle's longevity. The robust passenger cell ensures maximum protection and a safe driving experience.

Individualization - Colours

In addition to the standard colors available, we also offer individual color options for fleet orders. Simply let us know the desired color codes and we will check the feasibility at our production plant in Turin. This allows us to offer you special paint finishes according to your individual specifications.


Save up to CHF 5,000 per year!

Prices and costs excl. VAT.

*Any fleet conditions were not deducted in the TCO calculation. Depending on the level of the fleet conditions, the amortization costs of the vehicles and correspondingly the total cost of ownership are further reduced.

TCO stands for "Total Cost of Ownership" and refers to the total cost analysis of a company vehicle. Not only the price of the vehicle is taken into account, but all costs over the entire service life. The significance of the individual cost drivers varies greatly depending on the vehicle and its use. Factors such as amortization, fuel, maintenance and insurance costs can vary greatly. (1) The amortization costs represent the monthly amortization costs at a residual value of 40% after 4 years and 10,000 km per year. The residual value is applied to all models shown for comparability. (2) The maintenance costs are the monthly costs to be expected from the maintenance or replacement of wearing parts during the service life. (3) For taxes and insurance costs, average values for the 5 cantons with the most registered vehicles were compared. (4) The energy costs are based on the manufacturer's consumption data and the current energy costs for electricity or fossil fuels. (5) For the costs of the charging infrastructure, the ICCB charger offered by Microlino (gross price CHF 399) and the average hardware and installation costs for the installation of a simple wallbox charging solution were taken into account. (6) The parking costs are compared with the costs that can be expected based on the parking space requirements (based on vehicle dimensions).

Prices and technical data

You can find the official sales prices and technical data in the official Microlino price list. You can also find out about the configuration options directly in our configurator.

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